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Composting Day

Welcome to the first international Composting Day in Oslo, the European Green Capital 2019!

Target audience for the Composting Day are public and private stakeholders and operators from Europe and around the world looking for best-practice solutions to composting as a circular Bio-Waste treatment method. Planners, operators and suppliers of composting plants, designed for organic waste.

The Composting Day in Oslo is organised together with ISWA and the City of Oslo, and is part of a full week of Bio-Waste events in Oslo, Europe's Green Capital City! All events are in English.

- ISWA Beacon conference on Bio-Waste Management, April 8 
- Nordic Biogas Conference, April 9-10
- Composting Day, incl site visit, April 9
- Biogas Festival / Public exhibition for the citizens, April 9
- Technical excursions to biogas plants, April 11

Check out the full program for the week.

Price / Registration / Early bird + combination offers:


Go to the unique enrollment page for all the Bio-Waste events in Oslo this week.

Early bird discount: February 4


Registration, hot coffe or tea


PART 1 - Professional training seminar at the hotel


  • The Circular City, recycling Bio-Waste
  • Composting and biogas - synergies between aerobic composting and anaerobic digestion


Foredragsholder: Erik Nordgaard Research and Development Manager, HØST International
  • Agronomy and microbiology
  • Recycling of nutrients
  • Microbiology and process
  • Product quality of end product (including humus fraction)
  • Soil fertility
  • Sprout tests
  • Different products for different purposes
  • Quality control systems


Are you interested in becoming an exhibitor? The Composting Day has shared exhibition area with Nordic Biogas Conference. Contact us for prices and terms for composters.


Economics of waste management and compost - what is the alternative cost?

  • Small scale vs industrial scale compost plant
  • Investment and operation of an industrial composting plant
  • How to finance the system, what is the alternative cost?
  • Market: How to enhance the value of your product? Experiences from Norway, incl. the “compost portal”


  • Norway will be the second country in the world to make an official peat phase out plan. 
  • Why? How can this goal be achieved? What are the alternatives to peat from myres?


Introduction to PART 2 - Site visit at Oslo Composting - how to operate an Industrial Composting plant


Lunch and mingling in the exhibition area


Bus leaves for the site visit (included)


Operation of an Industrial Composting plant

  • Best practice operation of an industrial composting plant
  • Machinery for grinding and sorting
  • Monitoring time, temperature and moisture
  • Practice of creating blends 

Properties various raw materials / bio-waste

  • Digestate from biogas plants
  • Garden- / green-waste
  • Manure
  • Food waste
  • Humus from drinking water production

Info about the Oslo Industrial Composting plant (only in Norwegian)


(optional) “Biogas-festival” in Oslo - Open public exhibition at the City Hall Square, showing the value chain of Bio-Waste incl compost and digestate.


Sit down dinner together with NBC-participants at the hotel (included in the conference fee)

Erik Nordgaard

Research and Development Manager, HØST International

Mr Norgaard graduated as a microbiologist from the University of Oslo in 1984. He has extensive experience in research and consulting within environmental technology, and works with utilization of waste from industrial and municipal companies, biological processes and technological solutions.