About Avfall Norge

Avfall Norge (Norwegian Waste Management and Recycling Association) leverages 30 years of industry-specific knowledge to promote and develop socially responsible waste management policies in Norway and Europe.

Avfall Norge organizes the Norwegian waste and recycling industry and its stakeholders. We represent more than 200 different public and private companies working with waste management, recycling and recycled materials either directly or as consultants, advisors or suppliers.

We work to create an understanding for the need to increase the circularity of all materials and products, and to strengthen the recycling industry’s position as a key player in a sustainable and circular economy.

We offer training and guidance, work to ensure sound policies and constructive political dialogue, and initiate research and development projects to build industry capacity.

Avfall Norge was founded in 1986 with the aim of coordinating and maintaining municipal interests and inter-municipal cooperation in the waste management sector. Since then, the association has remained a competitive actor in a rapidly changing industry, and today acts as a nationwide resource for public services and private companies alike.


  • Annual conference: Our annual conference counting approx. 1000 participants brings political leaders, the waste management industry, suppliers, innovators, inventors and students together.
  • Knowledge: We offer courses and seminars throughout the year to keep the industry up to date.
  • Research and Development: Our different research projects investigates how to treat an increasingly complex stream of waste to brings us closer to a circular economy.